Types of Drape

BANJO - Our Banjo Drapes are FLAME RETARDENT Open Weave drapes allowing some light to shine through making it IDEAL for convention centers, Tradeshows, and expos.

VELOUR - Our Premium Velour is a thick 100% blackout drape making it appealing for ELEGANT and THEATRICAL events. 

POLY - Our Premium Poly Drapes are commonly used as Photo Booth Backdrops. Their UPSCALE finish makes them appealing for Photo Booths and WEDDINGS.

Drape Heights

Drape off areas up to 18ft Tall. The various drape materials require different hardware to handle heights of 18ft. Please note that Draping past 12ft will require different hardware resulting in an additional fee. 


We also stock Black and White Tradeshow BANJO drape. This is commonly used for Expos to divide the booths. 

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